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Love, Hope, Fear: The Ultimate Balance

Originally posted on Youth Club Blog:
By Hania Faheem A walk along the beach. Nothing new, nothing grand. Just an ordinary, mundane gesture. As water began to touch my feet, I turned around and saw the subtle trail my footsteps had made in the sand. And that’s when I noticed: the trail wasn’t exactly a…

Breath, let go.

I breathe. I let go.Breathe. Let go.Let go of all the can’ts and but’s and what if’s and not if’s.Breathe. Let go.Smiling. Smiling at the irony of the statement.Breathe. Let go.Putting those two in such close proximity, wishing that letting go was as easy as breathing.Breathe. Let go.Let go; let go of this acquired fearContinue reading “Breath, let go.”

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