Love, Hope, Fear: The Ultimate Balance

Youth Club Blog

By Hania Faheem

A walk along the beach. Nothing new, nothing grand. Just an ordinary, mundane gesture. As water began to touch my feet, I turned around and saw the subtle trail my footsteps had made in the sand. And that’s when I noticed: the trail wasn’t exactly a horizontal line from the shore to the water. It actually fluctuated from the horizontal; a little to the right, a little to the left, bending a little here and a little there, before it brought me to my destination. It made me reflect: no matter what path we take in life, we are always seeking balance. It’s impossible to travel any road in a straight line. There will always be bends in the trail, slight deviations from the straight line but ultimately a bounce right back to it is what happens in the end. 

And that just made me realize how…

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